It always feels so strange to write a post after so much time has passed. From the last time I posted, so much has happened! We moved houses, and our WesleyBean joined us, making us a family of four now 🙂 Our days are full of rambunctious toddler energy, and I am amazed when I look back on older pictures of these two. How fast they grow!

We’ve been indoors to shelter-in-place for about half a year now in the US. To add oil to the literal fire, CA is facing the worst wildfires it has ever seen. Some days, ash has fallen from the sky and coated cars and homes, and there is a constant haze in the air. There was one day I’ll never forget where we woke up and the skies were dark and rusty red–it was like an apocalypse.

That said, I’m grateful that our family is safe and well. A big thank you to all of the heroes out there fighting the fires, keeping our store shelves stocked, sending deliveries to our doorsteps, taking care of those who are sick, and just performing acts of kindness and love in these trying times. I hope that we can recover quickly.

That being said, I’ve found happiness in the hobby of keeping PLANTS!

In the past, I’ve purchased a houseplants purely for aesthetics purposes to brighten up a space. The pop of green from plant foliage really adds a vibrancy and liveliness to anyone’s home. These days though, I find that I truly just love the routine of caring for them. Nothing more exciting than seeing your TLC pay off with new growth!

Every morning and evening (and even in between!) I go around and check on my plant babies. The whole process is tremendously enjoyable, and even therapeutic for me. I truly do believe that we have a connection with nature, and can foster that connection by bringing greenery into our homes.In the span of a couple of months, I’ve brought in an additional 30+ plants. It makes me feel so happy to be surrounded by our little indoor jungle, and the kiddos love to help me water and mist them.

I recommend everyone give it a try 🙂 Choose an easy to care for plant and see how it makes you feel. I’ve heard that plants naturally uplift your mood, and increase your productivity. Be careful, though–it could be the start of an addiction~

xx, Cindy

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