⟪ CHANEL ⟫ PreFall 2017 Suede Pearl Espadrilles – Review + Wear & Tear

Chanel espadrilles ~ how I absolutely adore this pair of shoes. Released in PreFall 2017, these shoes fell into my lap on whim and so I have come to the conclusion that it was meant to be.

Last year we returned from our vacation overseas and I went to Chanel in San Francisco to exchange a wallet I purchased at Mitsukoshi in Nagoya. (There are only 4 Chanel boutiques in California and 3 of them are in SoCal so the Maiden Lane boutique is the only one here in Northern California unless you go to Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.) I asked to see their espadrilles, thinking I’d get the classic ones in beige and black. Unfortunately, the only pair they had in my size was a faulty pair that they were hesitant to even bring out to show me. One shoe was slightly darker than the other and it looked very strange indeed.

Seeing my disappointment, the SAs whispered a bit and then approached me, informing me that the new season stock had arrived and there was a pair in my size that I may like. And from the moment that I first laid eyes on these pearl espadrilles, I fell head over heels in love and there was no turning back.

I think this pair was actually on hold for someone who wanted to come by and pick them up, but she hadn’t shown up as agreed so they offered them to me. When I went home, I couldn’t even find them on the Chanel website because the PreFall collection wasn’t even up yet. Honestly so happy I walked in that day and so glad they had a faulty pair of the classic ones. These are amazing. I wish I also got a pair in black with pearls too.

Now. One isn’t supposed to wear espadrilles in the rain. It’s a good weather shoe. But luckily where I’m at, there’s not much rain so I really get to wear these quite often. The beige and black goes with everything and the pearls add a touch of glam to any outfit. It has been about 9 months or so, and they still look stunning. I won’t lie and say they haven’t gotten dirty. They’re shoes, so it’s expected. But they haven’t gotten as dirty as I thought they would, being of such a light color and made of suede material. I should bring them in for cleaning soon though, they deserve it.


No pearls have fallen off. I made sure to ask whether this would happen before purchasing, and my SA reassured me that it wouldn’t be a problem because each pearl isn’t just glued on–there is a tiny metal plate beneath each pearl that is secured underneath the leather that the pearl is attached to so as to prevent detaching. I’ve found this to be true as each pearl is still on there and secure as ever.

Something I don’t like is how saggy the material is now, behind the heel. This is definitely normal wear and tear so there’s no helping it, but it looks quite unsightly. I wish there was some kind of support there to prevent wrinkling.

As for sizing, Chanel doesn’t offer half sizes for their espadrilles so I had to go with either 37 or 38. Although I had read beforehand that the leather would stretch out, I was a bit hesitant when I tried on the 37 and it was a bit too tight for my comfort. I went with 38 and, yes, they definitely do stretch a bit with wear and I now wish I had gotten the 37s.

The top of the espadrilles where you slide your foot in may be tight and may leave a red line across your feet. It got better after the shoes stretched, although they still do leave a light line when I wear them these days too. However, I don’t notice any discomfort when wearing them.

I have wider feet, so the classic leather ones didn’t look good because there was some jutting on the sides. The suede ones were much more flattering on my feet. I wonder if that’s the same for the canvas. I’d love a pair in canvas too.

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