After purchasing my first Small Le Boy Bag, I realized I needed a smaller SLG to keep my cards in. Previously I had been using my Salvatore Ferragamo Double Gancio French Wallet that I purchased a couple years ago which fit well in my other bags, but not so much in the Small Le Boy. It took up virtually all the room in the bag so I went back to the store and brought home this baby.final copy

Tadaa~ This is the Le Boy O-Coin Zip Purse in Calfskin Caviar leather with Brushed Gold Hardware. It has 3 compartments inside which is very useful for organizing your different cards and bills or coins. It’s very compact at 4.5″ x 3 x 1, yet holds everything I need. I knew I didn’t want one of the flat card holders because I like to keep rewards cards on me, and would have more than could fit in them so I opted for the coin purse instead.

final 5

The color and material are just beautiful. Although this is officially gray, I really see a light periwinkle which is why I wanted this exact one. When I went into the boutique, I was immediately attracted to this one.  Luckily it was in caviar finish instead of lambskin, which was exactly what I wanted from a durability aspect. Although I’m not really rough with my stuff, I do think SLGs get tossed around a lot more and it also gets shuffled around with all the rest of the stuff in your purse as well, so I’d rather get caviar finish over lambskin. I also love the brushed gold CC boy plate. Because it’s brushed, I can be more carefree with it, as opposed to worrying about shiny hardware getting scratched when tumbling around inside my bag.

Minks4All on YouTube mentioned something that I think is a very good point. The clearance from the top of the cards when inserted, up to the zipper, is very generous. Because of this, the zipper pull doesn’t catch on the corner of cards. They did a really good job on that particular detail because zippers getting caught on the contents is very annoying; especially if you’re going through the checkout and are trying to get out of the next customer’s way.

final 4

I’ve seen some people put about 20 cards in there, but I really only carry under 15 (and several are paper rewards/stamp cards) and it closes up nicely. I like to put my ID and other important items in one slot, credit & debit cards in another, and my membership/rewards cards in the last slot. It’s very easy to open up and find exactly what I need.

I’ve heard very good things about the durability of this piece, but I have yet to see it for myself since I’ve only had it for a couple of days. Check back in the future for an updated review on this piece!

Thanks for dropping by!

xx, Cindy

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