Hello hello!!~

My little rambunctious tot is growing as fast as the weeds on the side of our house. He’s the joy of our life and I cannot imagine a world without him. Every day is another day of fun and development, and all I want is for time to slow down~

I’ve noticed that he has slimmed down significantly from before. It’s a combination of him growing taller and being so active. There is a little park in our neighborhood that’s about a block or so away, and we love going there almost every day. Mason just walks (more like runs precariously) over there on his own and doesn’t want anyone holding his hand. I’m so scared that he’ll fall on the hard sidewalk, so I’m always anxiously crouched over, speed-walking with one hand hovering over him in case he trips.

The lovely Burberry T-shirt is courtesy of his Auntie. I absolutely love the simplicity of the checked pocket detail which is understated, yet very “Burberry.” This is a case of less being more. It is made from 100% cotton and is so luxuriously soft. I can imagine it being very comfortable on the skin of our little ones.

final 4

Please excuse the little white bits in his hair. They are residual bits bubble mix from bubbles landing on his head 😂

Thank you very much, Auntie Miu! 💋

Thank you all for stopping by 😊

xx, Cindy

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