⟪ CHANEL ⟫ Unveil & First Impressions – I’M IN LOVE! S18 Small Chevron Beige Le Boy w/ Shiny Gold Hardware

I’m so excited to share this with other fellow bag enthusiasts out there! Last weekend I was browsing one of the CHANEL groups on Facebook and came across my unicorn! 🦄 Someone in San Jose posted a picture of it and I saw it around 5 in the morning and immediately fell in love. We went to the store that same day after I confirmed it was available with staff and the rest is history.


Ever since I purchased my first boy bag in Japan, I’ve told myself that I would always purchase from overseas so that I could save some serious money by purchasing duty-free or having VAT refund. But when I saw this bag, all those thoughts flew out of my head and I knew I had to buy it immediately or it would be gone forever and I would kick myself for an eternity.

final 5

So after waking up hubbie at 5:30 AM and gushing over it, we made our way over to the Maiden Lane boutique where we picked her up and brought her home. Here she is!!~

final copy

Oh, I just couldn’t contain my excitement! Usually, people in the store are really cool and laidback (both staff and customers), but when I walked in and Joyce helped me pull the bag out from the closets, my whole face lit up and I was practically jumping up and down from happiness. There were many other cute color/hardware combinations for the just-released S18 collection, but this one just took my breath away.

I put her on, and yes, the decision was made before the bag even settled properly on my shoulder. She’s the one! Say yes to the bag! Joyce joked that I had sold the bag to myself 😂

She also showed me the Gabrielle bag and I took a look at the only filigree vanity case they had, but neither bags made my heart flutter. If the vanity case was in the beige and black color combination and was the medium size instead of a bright coral mini, I probably would have been more interested. That one is also on my wish list.

final 3

Anyway, we left with this one and I was (and still am) just happy as a clam. This bag is made from calfskin leather with a caviar finish as opposed to my lambskin boy. It makes a world of difference. Just from wearing it out a couple of times, I’ve found that I am so much more carefree with this bag and am not the least bit worried about scratches. It’s very durable.

The only concern I do have is how well the hardware will hold up. Because it’s the shiny finish, I worry that ti will get very scratched up with rough use. The chain is also of the shiny finish, and as the bag slides along the chain, I wonder if it will turn dull as the years go by.

I’ll write a more in-depth review later on after I have the chance to use it for longer.


Thanks for reading!

xx, Cindy

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