⟪ MasonJar ⟫ My Little MasonJar

Mason is a little over 9 months old now, and I just wanted to write a little bit about how I’m feeling these days. Transitioning into a first-time parent was not easy, and I can’t imagine doing it without the help of my wonderful support system. A heartfelt thank you to every single person in Mason’s life for adding color and spice to his world. 

final 2

When Mason was first born, it was truly indescribable — this little potato, that was just placed on my chest weighing 6 lbs 13 ozs, was made by me??! His baby scent was intoxicating, his little hands and feet too precious for words, and every sound he made just had us swooning. Then the difficult breastfeeding journey turned into exclusive pumping (which is much more time consuming than one would initially assume), the never-ending washing of baby bottles and breast pump parts began (and continues to this day), and you do not get the luxury of a full night’s sleep for the unforeseeable future.

I took it day-by-day because some days you just feel so exhausted and defeated. Forget planning the week out; I just want to hit the hay and sleep for the next hour before I have to wake up again to pump milk and feed the baby. But then after a while, at some point, I realized that everything I was doing had become second nature. The feeding, bottles, diapers, laundry, cleaning, cooking… With time, I got into a rhythm and began balancing everything like it was second nature.

And boy, does this little potatolet grow fast! It’s hard to believe how much he has changed and grown since birth, going from a newborn baby who couldn’t hold up his head or do anything on his own, to a 9-month-old boy who crawls as fast as lighting and pulls himself up into a standing position to walk along ledges and walls.

I find myself looking at him every day in wonder, trying to imprint the moment to my memory because I know that with every passing day, he is growing up and becoming more and more of his own person. Before I know it, he will not want to snuggle with mommy anymore, and would rather run off and play with his friends than spend time with his parents.

final 3

So to all of the new/soon-to-be/experienced parents out there reading this, although it’s hard, time flies and you’ll find yourself missing the skin-to-skin, the bath times, the baby group sessions at the local library, watching your baby learn to eat finger food, seeing his many expressions, experiencing the world all over again through his eyes, etc. I find myself already wishing I could go back and relive some of those earliest moments because each day is a new journey in itself and it feels like it’s all passing by too quickly.

To Mason, my first born, mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know. You bring an insurmountable level of joy into our household and we thank you for that. This Thanksgiving, we have so so much to be grateful for, but most of all we are grateful for you. We love you, our little Mason jar.

Thanksgiving 2017


2 thoughts on “⟪ MasonJar ⟫ My Little MasonJar

  1. I haven’t been on WordPress in awhile but I’M SO HAPPY I decided to open it today!! I loved reading this and got that warm fuzzy feeling inside ❤️ Mason is so lucky to have such supportive parents like you and Kevin. You are a super mom and I can only hope to be as great of a mom as you are one day! Wishing your family a wonderful holiday season and I can’t wait to see this cute little potato in the new year!!

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