⟪ fresh ⟫ Skin Care Haul & Review

Back in April of this year, I was shopping at Nordstrom with Hubbie and Mason and came across the fresh counter. I only purchased one item from this brand before at Sephora and didn’t have much knowledge of the other products they offered until Senija, the fresh manager at the Nordstrom I frequent, showed me a bunch of different things.


I ended up leaving the store with a bunch of goodies and have been using them since! I actually went back last month to get more things to try out! They will be in a later post 🙂


First off, I think it will be helpful for me to describe my skin. I have quite the oily skin, although it was a lot worse in my teenage years, with some patches of dry skin during the colder seasons. I also have redness around my nose and on my cheeks and am prone to acne breakouts.

During my teenage years, I spent most of my time trying to cover up the flaws after countless visits to the dermatologist did not yield any results. More recently, I’ve been focusing on healing my skin as opposed to covering it up, and now I do my makeup more for the enjoyment of it as opposed to the necessity. It has gotten better now that I do not wear makeup on a daily basis, and I think growing out of those hormonal years also contributed a lot to my skin’s overall health.

Okay, enough with that. Let’s get on with the products.

As you can see from the photos, during the shopping trip I purchased: Soy Face Cleanser, Sugar Cream Lip Treatment in Pearl, Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, Sugar Face Polish, and received a trial sized Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask.


I’m going to start out with THE GOOD:

  • Soy Face Cleanser

    This cleanser has now become MY FAVORITE FACE CLEANSER EVER. When it says for all skin types, I truly believe it. I have oily skin, and in the winter it’s combination with oily and dry patches. It’s wonderful for cleaning my skin without stripping it of its moisture and the amino acids in the formula leave my face as smooth and soft as Mason’s baby butt!

    It’s also great for removing non-waterproof makeup! Which is wonderful because it gives me peace of mind, knowing that I’m really getting all of the product off my face even after using an oil cleanser first. When I’m lazy, I use it without an oil cleanser too and it is amazing.

    I’ve already purchased one tube for my mom, and another for myself. It seems to last about half a year with regular daily use. I don’t see myself changing out this product from my skin care regimen for a very long time.

  • Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

    This face cream is not too heavy and very moisturizing. I love the smell of it (to me, it’s very similar fresh cucumber) and I feel it leaves my skin very supple. I apply it both in the morning and the evening, and it doesn’t cause me to break out even though I’ve got acne prone skin.

    I wanted to try something that had anti-aging agents in it even though I’m still quite young because I don’t think it’s ever too early to start.

Here is the MEH. IT’S OKAY:

  • Sugar Face Polish

    Although my skin feels very soft and buttery after using this exfoliator, it feels a bit too buttery for my taste. I find myself using it after the Soy Face Cleanser, and then using the cleanser again to get rid of the slimy feeling.

    In addition, the sugar melts really fast once the product has made contact with your wet face, so I use quite a bit of it as opposed to other non-sugar exfoliants.

  • Sugar Cream Lip Treatment

    This product is like a lip gloss, so it leaves a thick, sticky, shiny layer on your lips. I don’t really like that, so I found that I haven’t used it much at all. I do like that the color Pearl leaves almost no color (it’s a very light pink hue) so you can use it daily for any occasion if you like it, layering it with your lipstick or other lip products.

Here is the BAD (for me, at least):

  • Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

    I used this product twice before coming to the conclusion that it’s a bit “heavy” for my skin and causes breakouts. Although I do only apply a thin layer, the formula is quite sticky. Both times I have used it, I had breakouts the following day, so I will be steering clear of this product in the future.

Currently, I’m loving this brand and its skin care products, and am excited to try more from their lines. Let me know if you use any of their products and if you have any recommendations!


DISCLAIMER – fresh did not sponsor this post in any way, I am just reviewing the products in hopes that others will be able to benefit from my experience and gain some helpful knowledge. 

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