⟪ CHANEL ⟫ June – July 2017 Haul ft. Classic Quilted Boy, Beige Suede & Black Espadrilles w/ Pearls & Small CC Earrings

As I mentioned earlier, I went to Japan at the end of June and came back middle of July. It was really nice to see Hubbie’s side of the family and experience living in a different country. I think every year I get more and more accustomed to the country (save for the hot and humid weather) but nonetheless it is always fun and refreshing to get away from the norm and live a different life for a bit. Here’s a link to 5 Things I Love About Japan just in case you’re interested 🙂

Before we went on the trip, I wanted to get a small bag to keep my bare essentials in. I didn’t want to carry a full sized purse with me along with Mason’s diaper bag and all of the other things like a sun umbrella, my breast pump, etc. I actually went to Nordstrom and purchased one of the small Gucci Padlock Shoulder Bags, but after using it for a little bit, I didn’t find it as functional as a Wallet on Chain would be. I returned that bag, and was deciding between the YSL WOCs or a Chanel WOC. In the end I opted for the Classic Chanel WOC in Lambskin, and we went to Chanel in San Francisco to pick it up. If you want to know more about my opinion on that piece, you can see it here.


I wasn’t planning on doing any more serious damage, but when we went to Japan this year, the yen exchange was ¥113 to $1 USD and for some reason, the retail prices in Japan were slightly lower than the US even though I’ve heard that Japan’s import taxes are really high on luxury goods. That along with everything being duty-free really helped save SO much money. With Chanel raising it’s prices so drastically every year, I felt like I should just get the items I wanted since I planned on getting them in the future anyway. Might as well save some money and get it now with the lower Japanese prices and everything being tax-free.


I spent so much time in the boutique trying to decide between the Classic Flap in Beige (medium) and the Classic Quilted Boy (old medium), but my heart told me to go with the Boy bag. I also always wanted a pair of the Chanel CC earrings, so I got those as well since the SA at the Nagoya Mitsukoshi Chanel location was so sweet and kind. And did I mention that everything was lower price + duty free?! I still can’t get over it.

At the time, I also impulse purchased the Small Wallet in Black from the Métiers D’Art 2016/2017 Paris Cosmopolite collection, but I ended up returning it in San Francisco because it just wasn’t working for my lifestyle. There were only 2 card slots inside, and there was a coin pouch in the wallet, but I’m pretty sure it was just for show because if you actually used it, your wallet would bulge and stretch and you probably couldn’t even close it.


While returning it, Hubbie asked by chance if they had any beige and black espadrilles because he knew I wanted a pair. I was SO lucky we went in that day because they had a pair of the new Beige and Black Suede with Pearls that were just released in the Fall-Winter 2017/18 Pre-collection!! They are just SO beautiful, I can’t even. They didn’t have it in 37, but they had it in 38. Espadrilles do not come in half sizes, so I asked them to wrap up the 38s for me since the 37s were a bit tight (I tried them on in a different color). I was completely infatuated and so happy we went in at the right time because others asked for it as well and they were all gone already. At this time, the shoes weren’t even on Chanel’s website yet, so I didn’t even know about them! Lucky~

It has been an exciting past month for me since I didn’t think I would be purchasing Chanel until a little further into the future. The items are not something I can afford to purchase on a whim and the prices were really difficult to justify for the longest time. The saving grace is Chanel holds their resale value very well, so if I ever want to sell something, I could probably do so quite easily and get my money back (especially since they raise prices every year + I purchased some of the stuff duty-free). That’s the reason why Hubbie and I felt that the splurge was okay.

Once I’ve gotten to really use the items, I will post additional in-depth reviews on them.

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