⟪ VALENTINO ⟫ Rockstud Pumps in Poudre Patent Leather 65 mm – Review + Wear & Tear

My current favorite pair of designer shoes is the Valentino Rockstud Pumps in the beautiful Poudre color. I’m actually not a big high-heel person because I always like the comfort of flats, so when I purchased this pair of pumps, I opted to get it in the kitten heel with the three ankle straps.

IMG_9357 3

I really love these shoes and how they easily transform a laid back, casual outfit into something that’s more glamorous. The nude color also goes with any outfit, and the hardware is a light enough gold that I would wear them with silver hardware items also. I’m actually not picky about matching hardware on my body, but it’s nice that these shoes really can pair with anything.

I chose to get them in patent leather over the regular leather because I heard that they are a bit more durable. There are some horror stories of the leather peeling back on the non-patent versions, but I think that it can be due to how one walks.

Speaking of ones walking habits, I was browsing the Purse Forum one day before I made the purchase, and saw that some people who purchased the Rockstud flats have an issue with major creasing in the pointed area from normal walking. I think the reason why I don’t have it is because I have heels on mine, along with the fact that it’s patent leather so the creasing doesn’t come in as evidently. I’ve worn mine quite a lot, and while you can see the tiniest bit of pressure in the area where the shoe has to bend a bit, there is no crease line or visible warping to them.


While I don’t have an issue with creasing, one thing that I don’t really like is that the shoe overall does seem to be a little bit delicate. For such a high retail price, I didn’t expect them to be so fragile. Let me explain a little bit further. The leather that lines the shoe (above the heel area, down to front of the shoe) loses its color very easily. I wish that part was patent as well, but it’s not and even if you receive your shoe brand new from the store, there are signs of the color coming off already. The cage straps are also not patent, and I’ve noticed that the leather near the buckles are also losing color from the friction when you walk and when you have to buckle and unbuckle the straps. I guess I shouldn’t complain though, as these are all very normal occurrences with everyday wear and tear.

Because I’m not a big heel person, I do have to commend these shoes for being more comfortable than I would have thought. I have very wide feet which makes shoe shopping difficult for me, and I thought for sure that the pointed toe would hurt. Much to my surprise, these shoes don’t hurt nearly as much as I expected, and for those who are already accustomed to wearing high heels, these shoes will be a breeze to wear.

IMG_1292As for sizing, I am size 37 in these shoes and I feel like they are pretty true to size. I purchased these after I had my son, and I felt like my feet got bigger (it seems they are staying that way) so I wasn’t sure of my size until I tried them on in Nordstrom. They didn’t have 37.5, but the 38 seemed a bit too big. My cousin has 37.5 and I feel like those may just be a tad bit more comfortable than 37 in terms of the width for me.. noted for future reference.

Before the Rockstud pumps, I had never really been a big shoe person. But now I’m totally obsessed, and I want a pair of Rockstud pumps in all the colors available!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these shoes! Leave a comment and let’s share our love for these iconic shoes!

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